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My Blog is about to reach 40,000 visitors! I’m so proud of myself for achieving this amount! I thank the people that visit & read my Blog! I thank the people that choose to support me & my dreams! Thank you so much! My Blog, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook pages will continue to grow! From your support, for sharing my Social Media’s & Subscribing to my YouTube Channel!

It can be difficult sometimes, Specifically on my Social Media’s & YouTube Channel! It’s a difficult industry! I recently unfollowed almost 200 people on Twitter as I wasn’t getting any support from them! No likes, retweets or mentions! 90% of the people were female bloggers! One thing I’d like to remind people is that I’m not into beauty at all! I followed back and showed support across Twitter, Instagram & YouTube! To help them out! So remember that next time you ignore my tweets & Instagram posts! Unless Your A Friend, Then I Follow You Because Your A Friend & I Want To Support You Anyway! 

Having a small following on Instagram for instance! Losing a follower is really annoying! 208 now 207! It’s difficult! I don’t follow back either! I don’t care! I’m not going to follow someone that I am not interested in their content! So don’t follow people then unfollow! I see a lot of people with 10,000+ followers unfollowing! On my photography account, I went through and there was probably 5 people with 10,000+ that had unfollowed me! I don’t care! It’s their loss!

I’m looking forward to growing my Social Media’s & following! With or without other peoples help! Thanks again for 40,000 visitors! 

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