I’m Matt or Matthew is fine! 20 year old from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom!

I’m a YouTuber, Blogger, Twitch Streamer, Photographer & Gamer

Currently trying to turn my those things above into a career! 

YouTube – Been doing YouTube fulltime for almost a year now! Love making youtube videos! Its all about the interaction with fans though!

Blogging – is only something I got interested in about 3 months ago in September! I did have a blog site set up for some photography stuff before my actual blog site, but soon moved on to bigger and better things! My own domain etc! I’ve met so many nice people & even made friends for life! 

Twitch streaming – I have done a bit in the past, but I’ve started dedicating my evenings almost every night from 11 pm to around 1-2 am every night to live streaming! Not ever stream goes well! Sometimes I get 0 viewers! Sometimes I get 10+ for the whole stream! 

Photography – is something I took an interest in properly at the start of the summer in 2017! Being able to go out for walks with your camera and just take beautiful photos of nature and landscape that other people appreciate! Most my Photography can be found on this Instagram account found here instagram.com/1998matthew

Gaming – has always been a passion of mine since I was small! It will always be a passion of mine! My YouTube Channel is based on gaming/other stuff! My Twitch Channel is mostly gaming! 

I hope you learnt something new about me today! Make sure to check out all my social media’s!

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