I’m Back People!

The inactivity of the blog site came down to me losing interest in blogging for a while & I turned my focus towards other things like Live Streaming, Video Creating & Photography!  I will try to start writing on here at least every 2 weeks, preferably once a week If possible! I’m back, so expect good things to come! Starting with the being close to reaching 100,000 visitors, which is unreal! Seriously can’t thank you’s enough for the support! That’s the smaller number as well, lots of bloggers use the impressions they get from google analytics, but not me! Let me know what kind of posts you want to see in the future! Whether their gaming related, technology related or even photography related! Any other topics feel free to suggest in the comments! You can find all my Social Media Information below!


YouTube Channel – www.YouTube.com/IonicH3art6237

Twitch Channel – Twitch.tv/IonicH3art

Main Instagram – www.Instagram.com/IonicH3art 

Photography Instagram – www.Instagram.com/Matthew_Photographs

Twitter – www.Twitter.com/IonicH3art6237

Snapchat – IonicH3art6237

Main Website – www.IonicH3art6237.com

Photography Website – www.MatthewPhotographs.com


Here’s to the future of www.MatthewHamill.co.uk!

Peace Out People! 


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