My Frustrations!

One thing I’m finding frustrating at the moment is social media! Yes, we all have times where we get no support! It’s disheartening & annoying! Makes me want to stop using social media all together! Take my blog for instance! Yes, I’ve only had it for 3 months, and people say you have to be patient, doesn’t stop the fact that it’s disheartening seeing other people getting support from a lot of people and fans! While you’re sitting in a corner on your own! Twitter I have almost no supporters, always people unfollowing, no one tagging me, liking, commenting, retweeting or even dming me! Instagram the same, facebook pages, no one likes them no matter how many times I tweet them out! Even if people do like them they don’t seem to care about your future posts and don’t bother going back! My blog, I can’t seem to get any companies or bloggers wanting to work with me! I have 24,000 visitors in 3 months! (Not Showing Off Or Trying To Be Mean! Just Making A Point!) I’d like to see you with those numbers! I work for those numbers, and yes patience, you have to have patience! There is only so much patience you can have before it starts to annoy you!

The Blogging Community Doesn’t seem to want to accept me! I don’t get included or mentioned really ever no matter how much I try to support other people! Do you really think I’m interested in beauty! No, but I do it to support the beauty & lifestyle bloggers, so just because it’s not my thing doesn’t mean I’m not going to support them! Same goes for all my Social Media’s! Twitter, Instagram, Photography Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitch, Bloglovin & Tumblr! I literally get no messages from anyone on Snapchat! I try to interact with people across every social media I use, but people just don’t seem to care! So this is my frustration at the moment! Doesn’t really help with my mental health to be honest, but what can I do!

This post isn’t to make people feel sorry for me because the last thing I want is pity! Just be thankful for the support you do get! Because even though I get very little I’m very thankful for what support I do get, &  the people that give it! Yes, I get tagged sometimes, but not very often!

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