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Whether or not you believe in God & the birth of Jesus! The whole reason for Christmas might I add! It’s a time for family’s and friends to get together and celebrate, eat lots of nice food, (put on weight for some lol/ not me haha anyway….) give presents, receive presents & just be thankful for the things we have!

Christmas isn’t just about receiving gifts! Also doesn’t matter how much the gift cost or if they made it! It’s the thought behind the gift & sometimes the meaning depending what it is! 

Remember the people less fortunate than you without a roof over their heads or food/meals! People take the little things in life for granted! Not trying to make you feel bad just, remind you how lucky you are!

I may not get much support from some of you Bloggers, YouTubers or Streamers! Doesn’t matter though! I have made friends for life this year! I will continue to support them next year! Soybean, Savana & Susana are the best! Some other friends I look forward to interacting more with and supporting more are Alicja, ToniCraft, Jason & Chess!

I hope you have a good Christmas! Full of all your favourite things! Love From Me, Matthew! 

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