Happy New Year! 

First off I want to say Happy New Year To Everyone! 2017 has been an interesting year! I’ve met some great people! Made some friends for life! Savana, Soybean & Susana! Use are the best! So glad to have met use all!

Things I’ve done in 2017 online! 

Went From 70 to 700 followers on twitter!

Started doing photography! Which I love!

Started a Blog Which is about to reach 30,000 visitors in 4 months! 

Started up my YouTube Channel & gained 170 Subscribers! Plan on gaining 1,000 next year! 

Made Friends For Life!

Made 3 Websites!

And Much, Much More! 

I feel like in 2017 I’ve changed quite a lot! I’ve turned into a man! Mentally & physically! 

I’ve gained a lot of self-confidence in myself and my appearance! I use to think I was ugly, but I know I’m good looking without sounding bigheaded(because I’m not bigheaded at all)! I like how I look, “Finally”!


In 2018 Online!

In 2018 I plan on focusing on my own social media’s and my friends! No longer going to try to interact with new people as is one of my biggest time wasters! 

I plan on growing my Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Blog & Facebook Pages! If you aren’t following me on them make sure to click social media’s on the menu up above! 

A girlfriend would be nice! I’m young, yes, but it would be nice to find someone! 

Thank You

I want to say A BIG Thank you to Savana for helping me with my self-confidence! I’ll only grow and become more confident from now! 

Thank You To All The Friends I’ve Meet Along The Way! Soybean, Savana, Susana, ToniCraftShow, MyPB&J, Jason, Chess & Alicja!

Heres To 2018! A Year Full Of Success, Happiness & Friendships! 

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope 2018 Brings You All The Success In The World! 

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