Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Product Review

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I recently got the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus as my new phone! It is a beautiful looking phone with it’s curved edge screen! 

Things It has going for itself! 


Large screen/display 6.2″

Add a second Sim or a Micro SD card up to 256 GB

4GB Ram


12MP rear camera | Rear Camera records 4k Video at 30fps

8MP front camera 

USB Info

USB Type-C, Which means the charger works, either way, its plugged into the phone

Phone Audio Information

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ feature high-quality 32-bit PCM and DSD64/128 playback support

*DSD64 and DSD128 playback can be limited depending on the file format.

Phone Performance

The Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+ have 10nm mobile AP, 10more powerful CPU & 21more capable GPU than the Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7edge (These figures are the minimum enhancements of Exynos when compared to S7/S7edge)

The Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+ are 20% faster than the Galaxy S7 on Wi-Fi (802.11ac). Actual speed may vary by country, carrier, and other usage factors. 1024-QAM router support is required.

The first 10nm processor. It’s fast, powerful and increases battery efficiency. Plus, there’s the ability to expand storage and to work through rain and dust, with IP68-rated performance!

Phone Security 

There’s an iris scanner for peace of mind, face recognition that unlocks your phone in an instant &Fingerprint scanner!

The enhanced security offered by Samsung Knox has been approved by 29 governments worldwide. Its chip-level security reinforces several layers of protection that work at hardware and software levels. On the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the upgraded Knox 2.8 is in position to safeguard your data around the clock

I rate The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus! 8/10 

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