I’m Matt or Matthew is fine! 20 year old from Northern Ireland, United Kingdom!

I’m a YouTuber, Blogger, Twitch Streamer, Photographer & Gamer

Currently trying to turn my those things above into a career! 

YouTube – My reason at this time for making YouTube Content is to entertain and make people laugh & smile! YouTube is my Dream, but I have many dreams!

Blogging – is something I took up while finding a niche for photography! I started off by making a WordPress site for my photographs stuff, didn’t do that for long before I decided to rent my own Web Host, & start building my own website! 2 years later I now own 4 websites & learning new skills as I go along! 

Twitch streaming – I’ve been streaming on Twitch for about 2 years on and off now! Mostly 

Photography – is something I took an interest in properly at the start of the summer in 2017! Being able to go out for walks with your camera and just take beautiful photos of nature & landscape that other people appreciate is the best reward! Most of my Photography work can be found on my Instagram account here www.Instagram.com/Matthew_Photographs

Gaming – has always been a passion of mine since I was a toddler! It will always be a passion of mine! My YouTube Channel is based on gaming/other stuff! My Twitch Channel is mostly gaming! 

I hope you learnt something new about me today! Make sure to check out all my Social Media’s by clicking the logos below!

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