Happy Christmas!

So it’s Christmas already! 2018 felt so short, Spring we had snow on one occasion, so not the best spring we’ve had! Summer was decent, some hot days, some cold days! Autumn was cold this year & so far Winter/Christmas has been cold, but decent for the time of year! My Blog is coming up to being 2 years old & it feels like such an achievement to get too 100,000 visitors!

Let’s get to the real reason for Christmas! The Son of God, Jesus Christ was born, in Bethlehem, whether you a Christian, or Non-Christian you still celebrate Christmas during the Winter Season! God sent His Son To Clean all the sinners of their sins! Christianity is the largest religion in the world with an estimate of over 2 billion Christians in the world! I hope you’s have learnt something new today and have a really Happy Christmas! 

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