HP Sprocket Photo Printer!

Today I’m writing a Review Of The HP Sprocket Photo Printer! (This Is Not A Sponsored Review!)

The HP Sprocket Photo Printer is one of the main Bluetooth pocket printers available to buy! Why choose the HP Sprocket Photo Printer? You can buy the HP Sprocket Photo Printer for just £119.99 including VAT! To use the printer you must have a Phone Or Device that has either, Android™ printing supported on Android devices using OS v4.4 and higher or iOS v8.0 or higher to be able to download the sprocket app! The app has many features such as connecting your social media’s so you can take the photos for instance straight from Instagram & use some more of the app’s features like adding a frame to the photo’s, adding text & stickers! It simply uses the special paper you can find mainly online! (All Links Will Be Found Below!) The paper that fits the printer is HP SPROCKET ZINK® Sticky-backed 2″ x3″ Photo Paper! The paper also works as stickers so you can print your photo’s and peel off the back and stick it! 

Picture Of The Colours You Can Get!

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Link To The HP Store Here

Link To Where You Can Purchase The Sprocket Here

Link To Where You Can Buy The Paper Here

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I highly recommend getting this if your looking for a pocket photo printer!

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